Second career in ceramics

Second career in ceramics

More than one way to sell ceramics

In a previous column I wrote about the interest my wife and I had in ceramics.  Our initial interest was sparked when we considered making and selling ceramics.  I was due to retire soon and this seemed to be a relaxing and creative way to generate some extra cash to supplement my social security.  We also looked forward to road trips to ceramic fairs where we could sell our products. 

Toward this end we took a number of lessons while I was still working and learned early on that throwing pottery and slip casting ceramics was not for the fainthearted.  We learned that it is hard physical work, requires creativity (especially in order to sell your creations), is time consuming and expensive to get into. 

Of course, the kiln is the greatest expense but other costs seem to continually add up.  Also, as we continued to work with pottery and ceramics we learned that no matter how good you were the loss from breakage and other issues that rendered them unsalable, was incredibly high.

We re-evaluated what it was we wanted to accomplish:

  1. Make cash to supplement retirement funds.
  2. Pursue an active and interesting second career.
  3. Travel to interesting places and socialize with people.

We gave the situation a great deal of thought and figured how to attain our goals without actually creating the pottery.  Having met a number of potters during our pottery making phase it wasn’t difficult to interest them in our idea.  We began negotiating with them to identify venues where we could set up a booth, display and sell their creations. We went on the road which gave the potters the time to do what they did best and what they enjoyed most.  With every road trip we gain more potters into our network and now have a list of potters waiting to allow us to sell their pottery and ceramics.  

We got exactly what we wanted and so did they.